I have been making comics for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have collaborated on many zines and magazines and have worked with many other artists and art collectives. This is a small selection of some solo stories I have recently published.


Caracola (2016)

The shell
B/W, A6 size, 12 pages.
Short horror story.


Postres de cuento (2016)

Sweet tales
Short comics inspired by popular desserts’ history. 


¿Hay alguien ahí? (2015)

Is anybody there? 
B/W, A5 size, 16 pages.
Six mini comics filled with silly humour and (not so) scary tales. 


Give me five (2015)

Give me five. 
B/W, 10x10cm, 20 pages.
Adventures of a 5 euros bill.