Tarte Tatin 
Stéphenie and Caroline Tatin run an hotel in Lamotte Beuvon. 2 One day, Stéphenie was cooking an apple cake but she forgot placing the dough in the mould. “Shit!” 3 Stéphenie placed the dough on top… 4 ...Put the cake in the oven. 5 And once it was cooked, she turned the cake around. “Ready!” 6 And that’s how Tarte Tatin was born. 7 The cake soon became popular in the surroundings. 8 Even Monet loved the sisters’ recipe. 9 And when the prestigious Maxim’s Restaurant included the cake in their menu, Tarte Tatin archieved its actual fame. 


Red velvet
Red Velvet’s recipe became popular in the 20s. The story goes that a woman in San José was the one who started spreading word on the cake. 3 She used to hand flyers with the recipe to all the bus passengers. 4 This woman had first eaten the cake while having dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. 5 She enjoyed the cake so much that, when she returned to San José, she wrote the chef asking for the recipe. 6 She would have never guess the recipe would come with an invoice attached. 7 Her lawyer recommended to pay the chef. 8 So sharing the recipe was her way to get even.


Legend says, long time ago, the great warrior Benkei had to hide at a farmer’s place. 2 When Benkei left, he forgot something behind… 3 His dora! (Gong). 4 But the farmer's soon gave a use to the gong. 5 (Yaki: pan fried).